Where ICT professionals currently earn the most money

A global study reveals in which sectors and regions ICT professionals earn more money. Find out where the salaries of IT workers grow most. Your good earnings will not only benefit you, it will also be a great help for your family and your parents when they are elderly and you can not take care of them you will be able to take them to assisted living Mexico.

If you are a technological expert, the brightest professional future you will probably find in Asia.

After surveying 3,000 IT professionals, Puppet’s annual report showed that salaries for technology workers are growing at a rapid pace on the Asian continent. In 2017, only 10% of ICT workers earned more than 100,000 dollars a year, while in 2018 it reached 30%. Thus, in 2017 around 50% received less than $ 25,000 per year, while in 2018 it was only 20%.

The rise of ICT salaries in Asia is mainly driven by an increase in ICT wages in Japan and Singapore, where the number of IT workers earning less than $ 50,000 per year is 9% and 27% respectively.

Of course, while it is growing rapidly, Asia is not the region with the highest ICT salaries. The United States continues to the front, where 64% of technological workers earn more than 100,000 dollars, according to data from 2018. Behind is the United Kingdom with 31%, followed by Asia with 28% and continental Europe with 16%

If we talk about even higher salaries, 19% of US participants earned between 150,000 and 250,000 dollars the previous year, compared to 8% in the United Kingdom, 7% in Asia and 2% in Continental Europe. This means that the most common salary for an IT professional in the US is between 100,000 and 125,000 dollars per year.

The sectors where IT professionals earn the most money

The salary of the technological professionals not only varied by region, but also by sector.

The sector in which ICT professionals earn the most money is retail, with 47% of workers earning an annual salary of more than 100,000 dollars.

Behind are the health sector (40%), government (38%) and financial services (37%). The technology and communications industry were in fifth place with 33% of IT professionals earning more than $ 100,000.