Local offers for mobile clients

We know each commercial area is different and has its own needs to attend, however, technology and digital marketing have shown that it is of great help for all, whether they provide tour guide services or be an orthodontist that puts Dental Braces in Tijuana. Currently, the mobile and applications are tools that cannot be missing in our day today. Android applications grow at an accelerated pace looking to make life easier for people. This exponential growth is generating new needs. Undoubtedly, before a huge range of applications, the emergence of web pages arises, where we can find the top Android apps to access the best Android apps of the moment.

Marketing functions begin and end with the customer. Marketing affects the image of the product and the brand, if you do not have much experience in this area it is better to seek the help of an agency specialized in digital marketing such as Marketeros Digital, since otherwise, you could lose more than you think, many companies they have gone bankrupt because of poor marketing management or the lack of it. When there are negative opinions, when the consumer does not want a product or the product does not seem to fully satisfy the needs of the consumer, marketing plays an indispensable role in redirecting and reworking the intentions of the market.

In fact, 94% of smartphone users seek information from local businesses while they are on their cell phone. 88% of consumers looking for a local business call or go to that local business in the next 24 hours.

People make immediate decisions when they are on their phone and businesses want to be in front of them when they are looking for a type of business.

But what offers can be made to mobile customers? How can you interact with them at the mobile level?

It could be as simple as creating a Facebook campaign, but only on mobile. Likewise, inform consumers that they can download a coupon and present it at the counter to obtain a discount.

Likewise, it is possible to do it through SMS. For this, it is necessary to get a provider of cellular numbers, with a good reputation, that has a list of customers who are willing to receive offers via SMS in exchange for discounts or other attractive promotion. It is also possible not to use a provider, but to obtain the numbers directly.