How to get a job before moving to another city

So you are moving and you need to find another job. Relocations can happen for happy or sad reasons. Maybe you’re getting married and your future wife lives in another state. Maybe you’re tired of the dry land and you’re dying to live near an ocean, or maybe you have to go take care of a sick relative. Surely you’ll want to plan ahead for a quiet transition, doing things like renting an apartment if you need a place to stay, but you’ll also want a plan when you’re looking for work in the new city. Make sure that the new city where you are going to live has all the basic services you need and there is a Tijuana dental crowns.

Make a phone call or send an email to all the contacts you have in your new city. If you already know people in the city you are going to, get in touch with them and ask them for references in your industry. It is not necessary that you know someone directly, since you can be creative with what they know. For example, if you are a wedding planner and your contact does not know anyone in that field, ask him if he knows a floral designer or a catering company. These people can then connect with people within your area.

Investigate similar job boards and online resources in search of open positions in your new location. Not only do you perform regular manual searches, but also write down to be sent by email the searches that fit your profile. Also, send your resume to sites so employers can find you.

Use social networks to let people know where you are going and what kind of work you want. It’s a small online world today, so use it to your advantage. Probably, a high school or college classmate lives near your new location, or knows someone who does, so contact him for more advice. Also, if you graduated from college, use the resources of your alumni association to search for a job.

Improve your image online and on paper. Depending on the communication preference of your new potential employer, you may be connecting mostly by line or by mail. Especially if you think you give a better impression in person, make sure your CV strongly represents the message you want to convey. Have someone review your resume and look for options to put your profile online.

Prepare to travel to your new city for interviews. Even though much can be done online, your new employer may still want more than an email or a telephone interview before making a decision. Budget a little extra money for a few months to make a couple of trips to the new location to be able to sell yourself in person. To save money, schedule as many interviews as you can during the same trip.