How to Find the Best Food Truck Designers in California

The state of California is a top travel destination in the world for foodies who love hitting the weird and wonderful food trucks that roll through the Golden State. From the modern take on taco trucks in San Diego, to food trucks in Los Angeles that pump out exciting fusion faire, hungry people have many options.

With all the competition in Californian cities, finding a top food truck designer is paramount to a brand’s success. If you expect to attract customers and outperform your competition, finding a top food truck builder near you will make all the difference. Here are some tips to help put you in a great position to work with the best food truck designers in California so that your mobile kitchen can become the latest craze in your city.

Food Truck Design Options

When looking for the best food truck designers, you will want more than one option. Look for food truck builders that offer both hand-painted and vinyl wrap food truck designs. Both of these options have their value points. For example, some food truck owners love to have artists air-brush and hand-paint graphics and logos to give the truck that added touch. However, paint requires touch-ups, and if you plan on running your food truck business in a seaside community, the salt air can really do a number on your paint job. This is why vinyl wraps are the most popular option; they last longer, require little maintenance, and aren’t as vulnerable to weather conditions. Just make sure the food truck builder you partner with has a design team capable of expertly performing both design options.

Food Truck Designers that Use Marketing Data

Be sure to ask the food truck designers if they do any type of market research when helping you come up with creative options. Your food truck design is going to be a huge part of your branding, so you will want to make sure that the colors, graphics, font and messaging are set to resonate with your target buyers. Your food truck designer should have a team capable of doing competitor, market and cuisine-type research and determine a design that is most likely to have the best impact when it comes to attracting customers and competing against the biggest food trucks in California.

Interior Design that Accommodates Efficiency

Part of a winning food truck design is when builders use a strategic mindset when choosing the platform type and creating workable space. Not only must the food truck design have the right equipment and space needed for your current team to prep and serve your menu items but also allow room for future growth. For example, if you plan to run your food truck business on your own with a growth goal to bring on an extra person and expand your menu in a year, then you will need a truck that will still have enough space for a larger refrigerator / freezer upgrade, as well as enough room for two people to move around efficiently.

Research Food Truck Builders Across the State

It is very possible that your ideal food truck designer is not in your same city. In fact, the best food truck builders have clients from all over the country. Don’t limit your search to a few shops in town; look throughout all the major cities and contact the ones with great websites that speak to you.